New Here, Hello

Hello I am Jessy. I am from Oregon in the USA. I am a Traumatic brain injury survivor and have broke my back also and had a child born with lots of illnesses. I don’t quite understand this site yet but love to connect with others and have a community of understanding. is my blog where I share a lot of how life happened for me and not to me as everything that has happened in my life I have found a purpose in. I have 15 years experience in healthcare and am a certified health educator and used to help people navigate the healthcare system for work and provide health education. I also taught sex Ed. I have lots of experience and am always here to help others, especially in the brain injury world as I see so many gaps in care there. I have done a ton for myself and you must speak up and advocate. Check out my blog or InstA and connect with me. Always here to help or talk through anything and be supportive.

Hi Jessy,
Welcome to the WEGO Community! Don’t worry that you don’t have the hang of the site just yet, you’ll learn quickly! There are so many great resources on here that you can make use of, and an active community to be part of - I know, I’m fairly new here myself and I feel really at home already!

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask, there is no judgement here!

Best Wishes,
Simon (Epilepsy)

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